Giving – Donate

Art & creativity produces well-being for everyone. 

Dance events are a chance for fellowship and community. A multi-ethnic, inclusive company can create well-being for all involved.

Partner with us to create activities and events that produce well-being for those involved.  As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Beauvais Ballet relies heavily on the generosity of patrons to create high quality ballet performances that make a lasting impression with audiences. Here are just a few of the ways we spend your money to produce uplifting concerts and films:

  • $1443.31 pays a dancer’s weekly salary
  • $1200 rents the Doris Duke Theater in Honolulu for an evening to screen dance films
  • $500 buys a filmmaker or master dance teacher a flight and per diem for a film screening or masterclass
  • $200 makes it possible for us to pay film distributor fees
  • $100 helps pay for an internet presence: web page design service, host, domain
  • $50 pays for monthly phone and ISP so we can stay in touch with you 24/7
  • Even $1/month makes a difference-it pools with other funds; so don’t discount your ability to make an impact at any level

Please contribute by clicking on the round Donate button. Our donate form will appear at the bottom of this page!